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Trolling through the archive today putting together a playlist for the upcoming release of Ash grove music on Concert Vault and was consumed by a Ramblin’ Jack Elliot set from 1963. dsc_13702I was initially looking for all the different versions of the The Talking Blues the Ash Grove has to offer. Merle Travis, Sam Hinton, Doc Watson and others all bring something unique to the style arguably invented and certaintly popularized by Woody Guthrie. But Jack Elliot does it with such ease and honesty that you’d think he was making it up right there on the spot. It’s exactly that sort of lack of affectation that made the Ash Grove the sort of place it was. A place where all kinds of people flocked to share and share in the authentic culture of others. Look for Jack’s version next week on Concert Vault

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had to share this…. img_01103Lightnin Hopkins splitting a bill with the Rising Sons in May of 1965… it really doesn’t get much better.

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Working on transferring an amazing Kentucky Colonels set today from the Ash Grove in 1964. Have to keep checking the speed on the machine everytime Clarence White takes a solo. Crazy…

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Grandpa Jones tribute to Stringbean

I came across this interesting clip of Grandpa Jones giving tribute to the late David “Stringbean” Akeman. Just thought you all might enjoy a little Thursday-afternoon trip down Nostalgia Road:

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Why risk the quality of music for convenience?

Crawdaddy! posted a great article – Dithering Away the Compact Disc

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Three Legends, One Frame

Came across this amazing picture of Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter sharing the stage

Image from the Morrison Hotel Gallery:

Image from the Morrison Hotel Gallery:

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Never-before-released Lightnin’ Hopkins Track

We’ve just posted a never-before-released track of Lightnin’ Hopkins performing “Baby Please Don’t Go”. It was recorded live at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles in 1964. The track is absolutely amazing – you just have to close your eyes and listen: Feel free to share it with anyone else you think gets the importance of this music…

Freddie King – Blues Band Shuffle

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Ed Pearl: Back to the Ash Grove

“What the Ash Grove did,” says Ed Pearl, “was change the face of popular music.” Of course, Pearl would think that: He is the folk impresario (if that’s not an oxymoron) behind the Ash Grove, a fabled roots music club that stirred it up on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles from 1958-1973. It was the kind of place some folks dream about, a place where legends the likes of Muddy Waters and Doc Watson, as well as Flamenco dancers and street poets, took the stage on the same bill; a community center where everyday people—activists and laborers, millionaires and grifters—all made the scene. So why would anyone want to burn it down, not once, but three times?

The gospel of the Ash Grove, according to Pearl, demonstrates how the traditional music of the American South came to the West Coast, entered the popular culture in the early ’60s, launched the folk revival followed by the creation of folk-rock and its protest-orientated repertoire, and contributed to the transformation of culture. Though what you are about to read may or may not prove that claim, like one of those traditional ballads that gets handed down and slightly rearranged over time, it’s the writer’s hope that the essence of the song is pure, while its mystery remains.

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