The Ash Grove club was founded in 1958 with a few assumptions: That music communicates across cultural barriers, that the vast majority of people throughout history have shared their hopes, histories and aspirations through music, and that people will be the better for the sharing and realization of commonality.

Ash Grove founder Ed Pearl sought to find the greatest expositors of traditional American culture and present them in a respectful atmosphere, and to show as full a picture as possible of that culture. During its 16-year run the Ash Grove presented a Who’s Who of seminal blues, folk, country, bluegrass musicians and more. It drew incredibly diverse audiences – cajuns, hillbillies, latinos, blacks from South LA, Irish, hippies, beats, politicos and middle-class music lovers. Groups that rarely came together in those turbulent times did so every night at the Ash Grove.

We at Concert Vault are in the process of meticulously cataloging and restoring the Ash Grove recordings. We hope to begin releasing concerts for streaming and downloading on our site in April.

Published on March 13, 2009 at 2:19 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. Since seeing the image of the Rev. Gary Davis tape on your site last April, a friend of mine has been DROOLING in anticipation of hearing that recording. Any word on when you will have it available?

    Thanks much,

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